Confession time. I bought something.


Worse yet, it was some thing I didn’t need and don’t have room for. Oh well. There is the cool factor. How often does one see a Delta 1172 Tenoning Jig. I mean Delta stopped making them when I was young before I could afford one. So there it is, in the upper left of the photo. That was the target. The rest is now a chore. Whether I sell it or keep it, there will be work.

For the curious, we have a Delta 10″ TILTING TABLE saw on its original stand. Motor is old, but I have no idea if it is original (It does have oilers!) The jointer is a Boice-Crane 6″ on a user built stand made from angle iron. It runs off the same motor, just like the Delta saw/jointer combo’s.

00E0E_fuYu44iFdkJ_600x450Both machines seem to be close to complete. The saw is missing its belt guard. Nothing else from what I can see. This is good, because I should sell the machines and keep the 1172 Jig. That’s really the only reason I broke the rule about not adding to my hoard of tools.

Getting it loaded was such fun (not). I had to strip off everything and take the saw off the stand just to get everything in my Pathfinder SUV. I should have taken off the jointer too but the seller was about out of patience. He thought I would show up with an assistant and a pickup with loading ramps and just roll this beast onto the truck and leave. Instead, I kept him from being somewhere else for about 30 minutes. Oh well, he did help me with loading. Maybe I should have tipped him.

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