It’s worse than I expected, but only a little.

I’m not complaining, but this deal has a few worts. I have no use for the jointer, so that’s for sale. The table saw is intriguing. Do I want to use a tilting table saw?  It’s not a Unisaw, but the top is the same size. There is no provision for extensions which makes sense. Tilting the table would be bad enough without extensions.

TS illustration00E0E_fuYu44iFdkJ_600x450


Then there’s the motor. It’s an old B-Line 12/24 amp. Cast iron housing; It must weigh 75 lbs. I don’t have  a 110 circuit that can take 24a. To use 220v, I’ll need a proper switch.   So this gets shelved in favor of a newer, lighter motor. I have a 1hp on the shelf; guess I’ll use it here.



And, then there’s the stand:


This is really awful. The original TS stand is recognizable but two of the flare legs have been butchered, presumably because the previous owner thought it would make it easier to add casters. The angle iron addition was welded on and that is where the jointer sat.  I plan on cutting that off. To fix the stand, I’ll put the stumps on the rear and weld on a bracket to level it. Easier to hide the eyesore than to restore.

All this because I had to have that tenoning jig.






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