Summer is just about over…

But it has been eventful.

The furnace is in the basement along with my woodworking shop and that means the furnace distributes dust throughout the building. So, in June, I took delivery of a custom filter for the cold air return.


There are the standard one-inch “pre-filters” and behind those there are 3-inch filters (green) for the fines.

I plan on running the furnace blower in fan-only mode to act as an air cleaner. This will allow me to work in the old ribbon space and keep the dust from getting everywhere. The dusty air will be drawn through the filters and pushed into the “clean” floor above. As long as the blower is on, the pressure difference will also keep the dust from migrating upstairs. Also, because the blower won’t be on 24/7, I plan to close off the stairway with a “curtain” like this:

Curtian wall

All filters are standard and, individually, are much less expensive than the filters on the Delta or JDS style of cleaner. The nine filters here will cost about $100 to replace. That’s still only slightly more than replacing both filters on my Delta Air Cleaner.

I wanted to relocate the furnace upstairs and avoid all this. However, since this is a commercial building, the permit process involves “re-engineering” the heating system. I was told not to ask how much that would cost; if you need to ask, you can’t afford it. It’s a real joke. Getting a permit to replace the furnace in its original location was easy–no questions asked. Go figure.

* * * * * * *

And the next day, I was finally able to unload the first of the machines from our defunct ribbon making operation.

Out the door on skids and pipes, just like the ancient Egyptians:IMG_1203

Good bye Ludlow typecasting machine:


Leaving a nice little opening:


Now I must get rid of the other 90% of that old junk. Working on it.

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