Been a while.

Fell in love with:
Practice with the Uzukuri-Part 1

Seems like a cool way to use less than perfect wood and avoid all the perfect finish issues. Japan Woodworker stopped selling the brushes, so that left me no choice but to improvise. I tried all the wire brushes and coarse sandpaper I had in the shop and had mixed results. Pine is easy to abrade. Fir is much harder, even in the early wood. I got better results with a medium wire wheel at about 45 degrees to the grain, followed by a flap sander with [maybe] 150 grit paper.


It’s good enough for now.

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One Response to Been a while.

  1. Greg Merritt says:

    Looks pretty good. I made a brush from an old broom and it works pretty well. I just checked and Japan Woodworker has all three brushes (coarse, medium, fine) in stock and ready to go. Be careful, this technique can be addictive! LOL

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