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Japan Woodworker sells the brush after all

Greg Merritt at Hillbilly Daiku was kind enough to let me know that Japan Woodworker (JW) does indeed sell the brushes for Uzukuri. It only looked to me like they did not. The reason being that JW calls them texturing brushes, … Continue reading

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Been a while.

Fell in love with: Practice with the Uzukuri-Part 1 Seems like a cool way to use less than perfect wood and avoid all the perfect finish issues. Japan Woodworker stopped selling the brushes, so that left me no choice but to … Continue reading

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Fixed my Table Saw crosscut sled…

Short story:  I have a simple sled to square off plywood pieces.     The slot was loose, REALLY loose. To fix it, I popped some #6 flat head screws into the [wooden] bar and, after tweaking and filing, the … Continue reading

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Blogging is overrated.

I don’t really like doing this. Other prople’s stuff I can really enjoy, but putting one’s self out there is not easy or fun. Maybe that’s why I do so little of it? Duh! I guess it will help if … Continue reading

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Summer is just about over…

But it has been eventful. The furnace is in the basement along with my woodworking shop and that means the furnace distributes dust throughout the building. So, in June, I took delivery of a custom filter for the cold air … Continue reading

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Q&D jig for sharpening planer blades

Once in a while, I do a bit of woodworking for the trophy shop. On Tuesday, Bert tells me I need to make a custom base, by Friday no less. It’s a block 9.25″ square and 2.25″ high. I’m all … Continue reading

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It’s worse than I expected, but only a little.

I’m not complaining, but this deal has a few worts. I have no use for the jointer, so that’s for sale. The table saw is intriguing. Do I want to use a tilting table saw?  It’s not a Unisaw, but … Continue reading

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